Ecuador Dark Chocolate Bar 70%

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The Arriba Nacional chocolate variety has its origin in Ecuador, in lands considered sacred. The Arriba Nacional cocoa variety is characterized by an extraordinary roundness and elegant aromatic hints of white flowers, dried fruit and spices, all elements that make it one of the most appreciated cocoa in the world… Try it, in the practical napolitain size!

Napolitains are packaged in a 100g (gross weight) bag, containing about 18-19 pieces. Each single square is 3.3 x 3.3 cm in size and weighs 4.7g (net weight).

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This variety of cocoa is grown by the Hacienda Victoria, in Ecuador, with which Domori has been collaborating for years.

Hacienda Victoria stands on lands considered sacred, where the cocoa culture has been a tradition for more than two thousand years, also thanks to particularly favourable climatic conditions that alternate periods of rain with periods of drought.

Here, thanks to the vision of Andrès Guzman and Charlie Garcia, it was possible to build a modern and avant-garde plantation with the aim of protecting Arriba National cocoa, whose cultivation in purity is now extinct.

In the Hacienda Victoria’s plantations, in order to preserve this rare plant and cultivate it in purity, nothing is left to chance: to obtain excellent results, the architecture of plantations, the height of plants and the amount of water they need, as well as sunlight exposure and modern technologies to monitor plants growth are studied constantly.

The cacao grown here is the Arriba Nacional variety, grown in purity, free from contamination with CCN51. Gross Weight: 100g (single Napolitain 4,7g. – net weight)

Weight100 g
Nutritional values per



Kcal 551,5 / KJ 2294,5


36,5 g

'- of which saturates

14,0 g


40,5 g

'- of which sugars

30,0 g


11,0 g


8,5 g


0,14 g