Belgium's Favourite Praline

Leonidas Kestekides and his Greek family paved the way for a real Belgian chocolate revolution. Leonidas started out as a single shop with a sliding sash window and evolved into a brand experience with boutiques all over the world. For four generations the Kestekides family made its mark on Leonidas, making this brand a real family business. What started out life as a single shop with a sliding sash window, where pralines were displayed on the window sill, has evolved into an international brand experience with more than 1300 shops. Throughout the years, you could taste surprising ganaches, intense pralinés and creations made from other heavenly ingredients. The Leonidas range is constantly changing and expanding, but, even after 100 years, there’s one slogan that has stayed the same: Leonidas pralines are for everyone.

Now you too can taste the pralines from the purveyors to the royal household