It all began with a love story!

Once upon a time, a watchmaker fell in love with the daughter of a chocolate maker from Geneva. By marrying her, he embraced the chocolate making tradition and learned the secrets of the chocolatier trade alongside his father-in-law. This love for Swiss-made chocolate was passed down through seven generations of the Favarger family, raising individuals driven by high standards, with a strong sense of loyalty and appreciation for tradition. Many places, pictures, photographs, and old books throughout the years recount the rich history of this family of Genevan entrepreneurs who have lived the art of chocolate making for generations. Today, Favarger remains a family-run business. Day after day, the same values and ethos motivate individuals to find inspiration in the treasures of Favarger’s rich tradition and continue to make the best Swiss chocolate.

Indulge in the Swiss Art of Happiness

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