The idea of good food is as diverse as the term gourmet – for some people it is a home made fare and to some it is simply local products. For some it is a pursuit of the mastery of renowned chefs and to some it is everything organix. The Sweet Bazaar caters to these quests in the pursuit of gastronomic excellence by focusing on the taste, the origin, the quality, manufacture and sometimes even heritage.

Every product at the bazaar is tasted, tested and approved by the bazaar’s tasting committe before being offered to you and they find their place here as a result of our own quest for authentic flavours from the best of the best of the French, the Italians, the English, the Swiss, the Germans – let’s just say, the best from the European traditions.
At the bazaar, you will find carefully selected products from very proud partners from all over Europe: producers, artisans and manufacturers. Of course, we are at your disposal if you think of any products which are missing from the bazaar and which deserve to be added. Feel free to send us your suggestions.


Registered Office

M E Y C I Trading LLC
P.O.Box 53322
Dubai, UAE